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We care about your health and the planets.

We are committed to enriching our community with premium products that are both affordable and eco-conscious, elevating our standards for quality and responsibility.

Artisanal quality

We are a small-batch candle co. and we pour all of our candles by hand using local ingredients whenever possible. When sourcing globally we aim for responisble practices and fair-trade products. Our wax blend and scents are all crafted in house, we never use commercially made wax blends, or premade synthetic fragrances.

All-Natural Ingredients

We believe in making candles that invoke a connection with nature and aren’t as overbearing as the synthetic alternatives. In many ways our candles are a reflection of nature becuase we are using local beeswax and scents crafted from the essential oils of plants. When you burn our candles imagine the bees that made the wax with the flowers that the Essential oils were extracted from.


We are happy to swap a scent out if you change your mind or don’t like the one you recieved. We will absolutely replace a candle if it doesn’t burn properly. We are committed to making high quality candles that you can rely on.